Try Your Luck With the Best Credit Card for The Travel

Whether for security, convenience or simply out of habit, the credit card is the ally of travelers. In addition to facilitating transactions abroad and helping you prepare for your trips, most credit cards offer a host of advantages that make them a preferred method of payment. Here are 5 reasons why traveling with a good credit card can be beneficial for any discerning traveler. Choosing the Best credit cards 2021 travel is perfect there.

  1. Take Advantage of Comprehensive Travel and Rental Insurance Coverage

If you make more than one trip per year, having a credit card including travel insurance can be advantageous, especially in the event of trip cancellation or interruption, flight delay, baggage or even medical problems.

Do this simple math: Are the annual card fees less than the amount you would spend on purchasing private coverage? If so, the choice is obvious, the credit card with travel insurance will save you time and money in the planning process.

Some credit cards also offer insurance for car rentals. A cost saving factor to take into account is if you are used to renting vehicles abroad.

  1. Benefit From a Better Exchange Rate

Some companies do not charge a fee for converting foreign currency. However, the norm is between 2.5% and 3% per transaction, so be sure to find out about your card policies before you go. A little detail in the end can make a big difference in your pockets.

  1. Benefit From Privileges and Rewards Programs

Many travel credit cards offer great rewards programs. Some may allocate their cardholder up to 2% in points or cash back on the value of purchases. There are points that can then be redeemed for discounts on travel, gift cards or even savings on banking products.

Another interesting advantage is the possibility of benefiting from insurance and an extended warranty on items purchased. Take for example the purchase of a pair of sunglasses during a trip to Europe. By using your credit card, you could insure your property against theft and damage in addition to tripling the life of the merchant’s warranty. If you fly regularly, you will appreciate the reimbursement of your parking, baggage check-in and seat selection fees offered with certain travel cards, in addition to being able to access private lounges at the airport. Some companies even offer the equivalent of one night in a hotel or a free plane ticket when you join.

  1. Enjoy Greater Leeway in Your Transactions

These days, reservations for airline tickets, transportation, hotels and activities abroad are almost all made on the web, sometimes even months in advance. The credit card is therefore an essential element for those who wish to plan their trip. By using your card, you will leave with peace of mind knowing that you will not have to compromise on the quality of your accommodation and activities once there. This is an essential for your reservations therefore, but also an asset during your everyday expenses.

Along with a higher credit limit, the credit card also allows greater financial freedom. You won’t have to worry about funds being held in your account during pre-authorizations, as well as unforeseen expenses that may arise during your trip. A payment method that is as flexible as it is permissive.

  1. Be Prepared For All Eventualities

Debit card, cash, credit card: what to use and when? Unsurprisingly, cash is generally the easiest way to pay for your day-to-day purchases abroad. The debit card should only be used to make one-off withdrawals from ATMs. Avoid withdrawing small amounts (given the associated service fees) and favor ATMs in city centers that charge less than those located at airports.

Finally, the credit card remains the go-anywhere payment method par excellence. The latter is much more accepted abroad than the debit card.

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