Tasks Involved in YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is an essential part of a digital marketing programme. Therefore, it is essential that things are done properly so as to ensure that the marketing programmes are productive. Besides the creative and innovative aspect of videos, there are a lot of technicalities which are needed to be taken care of to ensure that the videos not only reach the targeted audience but also help in increasing the number of probable customers. An YouTube marketer would prove useful in this situation to help with all the technicalities that is, the keywords, thumbnails and texts to be used in the videos. They would also help in embedding these videos with the websites to help with the Search Engine Optimization.

What are included in YouTube marketing?

  • Videos on products and services – The videos on the YouTube channel should be mainly about the products or services being marketed. The videos would give a good opportunity to showcase the products and also give the probable customers an opportunity to see the products in work. This is not possible in any written marketing programme or simply pictures. A detailed explanation could be given about the benefits of the product being marketed and how are they better than the competition.
  • Videos on offers and discounts – Shorter videos could be made on the various discounts and offers that customers could get on the products or services being marketed. Such short videos have a higher probability to be watched than one reading some marketing blog post. This would help in easily spreading the word regarding the brand and increasing its awareness.
  • Regular interactive sessions – A YouTube marketing programme would include conducting such content which helps in interacting with the target audience on a regular basis. Live sessions could be part of the programme where the viewers could post their queries in the comment box and they would be answered on the spot. Another method is that questions are collected from various sources and a pre-recorded video answering those questions could be posted on the channel. When viewers comment on the videos on YouTube, efforts should be made to respond to those comments. This would give the impression that there is conscious interaction from the side of the brand.
  • Giveaways – This is a very common practice among YouTube content creators to increase the number of viewers and indirectly the number of subscribers to their channel. Viewers are asked to like, comment, subscribe to the channel and share the video in order to participate in the giveaway. All the interaction with the videos helps in promoting the video in the YouTube algorithm and this helps the video reaching a larger number of viewers of whom many could be potential customers.
  • Limited time deals – Videos announcing limited time deals could be posted on YouTube. Only those few who watch the video in a certain period of time would know about such an offer and avail it. Certain discount codes could be posted in the description area for the viewers. This would encourage the customers to be loyal to the brand and help increase its awareness.


YouTube marketing involves a lot of tasks, all of which are directly or indirectly related to the targeted customers. All the aspects must be taken care of with attention to details. Experienced digital marketers would be able to help in doing all the tasks in YouTube marketing properly. They would be able to guide you on the keywords to use, tell you the proper timing of uploading videos and what should be the appropriate length of the videos. If anything is not done properly on the side of Search Engine Optimization, the hard work that is put in the marketing videos would mostly not result in anything productive.

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