Key Things To Do After A Car Accident In Cedar Rapids

Moments following a car accident are always scary. You may believe things that are not entirely true, and it can be hard to process what happened in a flash. Such accidents happen in Cedar Rapids often, and people often make the worst mistakes following such mishaps. If the other party was negligent, they are also accountable for the losses endured by other drivers and passengers. In this post, we are sharing what you need to do after getting injured in Cedar Rapids.

Start with the basic things

First things first, call the police and contact 911 for emergency medical care. The adrenaline rush from the accident may cause a high, and therefore, you may not feel the injuries as much. When the responders arrive at the scene, ensure to get medical care. As for the police, you need to cooperate with the officer without overstating anything or speculating about things.

Take evidence

The accident scene is full of information that can come in handy for your claim. Ensure that you take pictures of the scene, your injuries, damaged vehicles, road conditions, and other visible damage. The idea is to have details that can prove the losses you have endured besides giving an insight into what may have happened during the crash.

Keep the records

You need to ensure that you keep all records related to the car accident. Make sure to keep a tab on the medical bills, and other expenses related to your treatment, including physical therapy, and when your lawyer asks for these details, you wouldn’t have to go around looking for information.

Be careful of what you say

You could be confident that the accident was your fault, but do not admit anything to anyone, not even to the police officer. The insurance company will rip apart your claim if they figure out that you had something to do with the mishap. Also, in Iowa, you can only file a lawsuit in Iowa against the other party responsible for the accident when your fault share is lower than yours.

Get an attorney

Car accident laws are often complex and hard to navigate. You need to get an attorney on your side, so you don’t deal with the legal jargon and insurance process alone. Your lawyer will usually charge a fee when you win, and this kind of contingent arrangement allows you to get the legal help you need.

No matter your fault, get a review of your claim.

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