Buying Firefighter challenge coins in the US: Here’s a Helpful Guide!

Firefighter challenge coins are a means of honoring public servants, firefighters, and other law enforcement agents for their bravery and courage in the United States. 

There are so many companies making these coins in different designs and patterns. The Responders Pro custom firefighter coins are some of the best custom-made coins you can buy.

Let’s find out more!

How do you make custom coins?

As a customer, you will have some idea about the custom coin you want. We can help you design it and provide other creative inputs to make your coin a reality. In simplest terms, it takes only three steps:  

  1. You give the firm the concept 
  2. They show you the proof that they design the best coins.
  3. Once approved, they will make the coins and deliver them to you.  

Significance of firefighter coins 

Firefighting is a noble profession where they dedicate their lives to saving people. But it is also a very dangerous and risky line of work. Firefighters earn the coins as a token of respect and memoir for their bravery and courage. 

The coins also mark special events like anniversaries, parades, etc. Firefighters actively participate in community events and hand out firefighters coins during such activities. These coins make the perfect souvenirs and are one of the best ways of appreciating firefighters.

Each firefighter coin is unique, and firefighters take pride in collecting these coins after each successful challenge.

What is the history behind firefighter challenge coins?

Challenge coins are small coins which unique decorations. These are metallic coins made of bronze, silver, etc. They are slightly bigger than the currency coins in the United States. 

The coins have enamel color patterns with inscriptions like “ductus exemplio”, department names, etc. 

Reputable coin customizing firms believe that the tradition of giving challenger coins started during World War I when soldiers were given coins to honor their contribution to the war. 

The soldiers would also compete amongst themselves through trading the coin. They used to get into small challenges where the losing party would have to give away their coins. Later on, the tradition reached the firefighter community. 

Concluding thoughts 

The general public can buy firefighter coins online. But the hardest and the best means of getting one is by earning the coin. Sometimes, you get the coins during firehouse-related events. 

But the real value of the coins comes with the risky task one had to do to earn them. You can also make custom coins for your department. All you have to do is submit a concept to a firefighter coin-making company and they will do the work for you.

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