What are the Different Types of Dentistry Services? 

Dental services are essential for people who are suffering from dental issues. It is necessary to know which services are required for any specific dental problems. However, before learning about which services are needed, you must understand what different dental services are available for people so that you can have detailed information about how to deal with dental services. 

In this article, we will discuss some common dentistry services that can help you in understanding which service is better for you. If you are in Powell, you can consult any of the dental practice in Powell, TN, to learn more about different dental services. 

What are the Different Types of Dentistry Services? 

  • General Dentistry: General dentistry is a type of dentistry that considers overall health and oral hygiene. There are vital dental services for people, such as dental bridges, implants, onlays, bonding, and dentures. It also includes dental treatments, which can examine tooth decay treatments, dental exams, x-rays, teeth cleanings, and some simple tooth extraction processes with fluoride treatments. 
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Cosmetic dentistry is a dental procedure that involves the treatment of overall dental health. It helps in improving our smile and self-confidence through procedures such as teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. The bleaching process helps to reduce the stains and discoloration of the teeth and provides a brighter smile to you. Cosmetic dentistry helps improve your appearance through various procedures like crowns, veneers, and other such procedures as per your requirements. 
  • Periodontal Dentistry: It is a form of dentistry that prevents and treats the conditions and diseases that affect the structures that provide support to the teeth. It, therefore, improves the conditions of gums, cementum, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone, and other such structures. It also treats diseases and provides surgeries for pocket reduction, gum grafting, and other such services. 
  • Orthodontic Dentistry: Dentists who deal with orthodontic dentistry help us align the teeth and jaw in cases of misaligned teeth, overbites, crossbites, and other such issues. There are palate expanders, braces, retainers, and fixed-space maintainers that help provide dental treatments. It helps to improve the alignment of the teeth and bite over time. 
  • Pediatric Dentistry: Pediatric dentistry caters to various dental needs and oral health of children. These services range from infants to teens. There are routine services such as teeth cleaning, cavity filling, and monitoring of regular teeth. This treatment helps track and diagnose oral conditions related to childhood diseases. 

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