How to Dress Your Hourglass Figure


Did you know the average American spends a total of eight hours a month trying to find something to wear? 

Finding flattering clothes when you have an hourglass figure can be tough. There’s lots of focus on dressing for pear and apple shapes, but less information and emphasis on styles that flatter a woman with an hourglass frame.  

When you have an hourglass figure, the key to looking your best is balance. You want to show off your curves while also creating a sleek, streamlined silhouette.  

This article is about how to find the perfect clothes for your hourglass body type. 

Wear Clothes That Fit Well 

Nothing looks worse than ill-fitting clothes on anyone, but it’s especially noticeable on hourglass figures because the silhouette is more defined. If you’re larger up top, avoid clinging tops; they’ll make you look bigger and heavier than you are.  

A bit of fashion advice is to wear loose tops or try layering a longer top over a shorter one for extra coverage up top. If your lower half is large, avoid tight skirts and dresses; instead, opt for looser versions or try wearing pants or leggings under dresses for added volume in the lower body area. 

Choose Fabrics and Textures That Flatter Your Body Type 

If you’re curvy in all the right places, choose lightweight fabrics like silk chiffon or cotton voile to let these areas shine through. 

If your biggest concern is how to conceal the extra padding on your top half, choose lightweight fabrics that skim over these areas, like silk georgette or cotton voile. And if you have a rounder bottom half, choose heavier fabrics and patterning to give the illusion of curves. 

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Choose Styles with Vertical Lines 

Vertical lines help elongate your body shape and make you look taller than you are, which is great if you’re short. Vertical lines include stripes, pleats, ruffles, and buttons going down the center front or back of an item of clothing.  

You can find these types of details on skirts, dresses, and jackets. Any piece where there’s an opening along both sides of your torso. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Mixing Patterns or Colors 

The best thing about dressing an hourglass figure is that you can mix patterns and colors without having to worry too much about looking weird or unflattering.  

If you’re unsure about mixing patterns or colors in your wardrobe, start small by wearing one bold piece of clothing with another more subtle piece of clothing like jeans and a plain tee shirt. Once you feel comfortable with that combination, try going bolder with two bold pieces of clothing, like a striped top with jeans. 

Hourglass Figure: Learn How to Make an Impeccable First Impression 

There is no surefire guide for dressing your body shape, as it’s tricky to find flattering clothing that hides assets and minimizes any excess. By following the tips in our guide and considering your own body, you’ll be able to dress your hourglass figure the way it deserves. 

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