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7 Basic Components You Should Know For Roofing

Shingle: Roofing can use a variety of materials for commercial and residential. Its main function is to protect the roofing material from the weather. The shingle is usually measured in squares, which is 100 square feet, so knowing the size of the back, for example, 2,500 square feet, you’ll need to order 25 sheets of shingle.

Sheathing: A board or sheet of material attached to the rafters to provide weather protection for your home. This part is also known as the roof deck.

Roof Cover (Trim): Installed to cover the roof joints along the hip or breastbone. (See below for more information on hippocampus or chicken breasts.)

Rafter: is a sheet of wood or metal inside the house to support the weight of materials and roofing. Rafters are one of the essential components. For your roof

underlayment (Underlayment): looks like waterproof paper that is laid over plywood sheets to prevent leakage from rain and snow. It is used with waterproofing membranes and vapor barrier sheets. which is a plastic sheet blocking air and water not allowing to penetrate

Flashing: A sheet of metal or other material used to cover roof joints. To prevent leakage, which can cover the joints of the roof at any point that changed direction and is used to help cover the dots from the different elements, if any.

Drainage: A design feature of the roof that allows drainage. The installation is based on the slope or distance of the roof. In the horizontal distance, each foot is adjusted in inches increments. Also known as “pipe direction,” for example, adding 5 inches to every foot of a roof with a 5-in-12 slope.

What Type Of Shingle Should Be Used?

There are different types of roofing materials. From asphalt to wood or even slate, each material has a different lifespan, and its durability depends on the size of your roof. Be wary of extreme weather conditions such as gale-force winds or cold. that may have contributed to the cracking of the roof shingle or you can ask about our services for help.

Fireproof Performance Of The Roof

Fire resistance performance is a classification system for fire resistance of roofing materials. Classifications are graded A, B, and C. Class A materials have the highest fire resistance from outside the roof frame. These materials are clay tile, fiberglass roofs, and metal roofs. Understanding the basics of the roof structure, gives you access to your current roof system. and help you understand which materials are suitable for the slope of your roof

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