6 Must-Visit Spots in Labuan Bajo

When people go on vacation to Labuan Bajo, many also look for information on how to go from labuan bajo to bajawa. Indeed, when in Labuan Bajo, tourists usually want to take a vacation to other places in the nearby area.

Many tourist sites can be enjoyed while in Labuan Bajo. One of the interesting activities is taking a labuan bajo cruise. Stunning views will certainly make a vacation here more enjoyable.

Tourist Destinations in Labuan Bajo

1. Wae Rebo

Wae Rebo is one of the villages in Labuan Bajo with exotic views. This village is not only famous for the existing traditional houses but for all things related to Wae Rebo.

There, tourists can find out about the culture of the Manggarai tribe. If interested, tourists can also stay in the local people’s houses who live there.

2. Padar Island

When visiting Padar Island, many tourists agree that it has an amazing view. This island is also known as a little piece of paradise because of its beauty. Of course, this beautiful and natural sight will make anyone fall in love when they see it.

3. Lingko Rice Fields

The view of the rice fields is perhaps an ordinary sight. However, have you ever seen a rice field with a shape resembling a cobweb? This unique rice field can only be found in Cangar Village in Manggarai Regency.

This circular shape was made according to traditional land management patterns. While on vacation to Labuan Bajo, take the time to see this cobweb rice fields.

4. Pink Beach

If you want to take a vacation to a unique tourist spot, don’t miss out on visiting Pink Beach. This place looks beautiful, cool, and fun to see even viewed from any angle.

Tourists can do water activities, such as snorkeling, sunbathing, and others. Just by visiting Pink Beach, your mood will definitely be better.

5. Kelor Island

If you seek for an adventure, try visiting Kelor Island in Flores. This small island has white sand with greenery in the middle. The atmosphere on Kelor Island is perfect for anyone who wants peace while traveling.

6. Kanawa Island

If you think that vacations in Labuan Bajo are very limited, you are wrong. There are still many tourist attractions that may be rarely visited but have their own uniqueness. For tourists who want to see crystal blue seawater, visit Kanawa Island. This place is also one of the tourist destinations with beautiful views in Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo is an Indonesian tourist destination that is currently increasing its popularity. This is also supported by its stunning natural sceneries. If you are bored of vacation in Bali, Labuan Bajo can be your alternative.

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