How to Change Your AESDirect Filing’s Export Date?

The electronic filing system involved in the import and export of trades is normally referred to as the Electronic Export Information (EEI). This filing is required majorly when the value of the goods classified under the Schedule B is over $2500. The filing is also required if a valid export license is needed to complete the trade. Through the filing, gathering information about the export becomes easier and this helps the customs department to stick to the regulations and standards. 

What is required for EEI filing?

If your shipment is containing any of the following, you will need to file your export transactions. 

  • Goods that are valued over $2500 under Schedule B and are sent the same day by the same buyer or exporter. 
  • When an export license will be required. 
  • When the shipment will be requiring strategic trade authorisation. 
  • When the shipment is going to countries like Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan or Syria. 
  • When the shipments contain self-propelled vehicles. 
  • When the packages are shipped to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. 

What are the EEI filing exemptions?

These following are exempted from any further EEI filing. 

  • Any small shipments amounting to less than $2500. 
  • Shipments going from USA to Canada with all the standard goods in it.

How to change the AESDirect export filing date?

Earlier people were reluctant to file the AES without knowing the exact export date. This was because changing the dates later on were a trouble. But now, you can easily revise your ITN’s date after you have filed it. The date will be modified while the ITN will remain the same throughout. 

You must keep in mind these general rules while you opt to change the export filing date. 

  • It is possible to postpone the export date for about 120 days in the future. 
  • In relation to the above point, you will be able to file the export and get the ITN for up to 120 days before you have even planned for the shipment to leave the country. 
  • There is no bar on the number of times you can delay your shipment. The ITN will not be expiring. 
  • It is not possible to file a backdate on the portal. You won’t be able to file the shipments with a date which has already passed. 

After you file your exports and receive the Clearit itn number, it is going to remain intact till you actually ship the goods. 

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