Choose the Right Forklift Clamp for Your Application

Are you looking for a unique carton clamp method or forklift box clamp replacement? You can do that with a forklift attachment called a carton clamp.

Having the appropriate tools for the job improves efficiency, lowers product damage, and keeps workers safe. You frequently waste time, energy, and also money trying to move strangely shaped loads throughout your facilities.

The ideal way to move those large, difficult weights is with clamp attachments. Clamp attachments provide a solution if you handle bales, rolls, tyres, drums, or recycled materials. Clamps are a reliable, secure, and affordable way to maintain product flow throughout your plant.

Top Industries Inc. has developed a carton clamp which is like a classic forklift clamp. However, it is without the forklift. It is an unconventional alternative to a box-clamp forklift.

Carton clamps firmly and yet gently grasp the following:

  • Stacks of TVs or any other consumer electronics products
  • White goods and Appliances
  • Cases of food, wine, or any other beverages
  • Any other unitized product

With such a carton clamp, you may handle items no matter where they are picked up or placed, avoid denting white products and reduce product damage. 

What is a clamp?

You can efficiently manage a range of pallet-less loads with clamps. There are several different types of clamps so you can precisely match your application:

  • A carton clamp is used for clamping certain awkward loads placed in between the forks.
  • Bale clamps are used to handle almost any type of baled product.
  • Appliance and carton clamps are used to handle packaged loads in different warehouses, or electronics/appliance industries
  • Load clamps for foam blocks are used for handling non-palletized polystyrene or rubber blocks
  • Hay clamps are used for handling bales of hay
  • Concrete block clamps are used to handle all types of concrete blocks

Usually, in the following types of industries, most clamps are used:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Paper handling
  • Food and beverage

What is clamp handling?

Using equipment that secures the cargo and elevates it off the ground utilizing clamps that travel horizontally, clamp handling is a method of transporting boxes and packages.

In contrast to a box clamp forklift, which necessitates the loading of the products onto a skid (or pallet) before being raised, a clamp truck may hoist nearly any item or set of goods that have been firmly connected.

It is rapidly gaining popularity in many industries and with good cause.

How to use forklift clamps

The offered remedy differs from the Carton clamp Workers who can securely handle products of unusual shapes, such as circular loads and cartons, thanks to forklift attachments.

Forklift clamps are accessories that are fastened to forklifts’ masts. These clamps are typically used in place of a conventional fork attachment.

There are many different types of clamps for forklifts, and each one is created to handle a certain material with great care. Every product will need a unique type of clamp, and this is the main issue here.

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