Common Causes Of Industrial Accidents

Working in an industrial environment involves several risk factors, especially when your job is to monitor or control all the heavy equipment and machinery. While several factors contribute to an industrial accident, workers handling and assisting large types of machinery are at high risk. For example, environmental, human, mechanical, and other elements can put a worker into a life-threatening situation without any fault. 

Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot claim your injuries and losses in an industrial accident, especially if you are not a professional lawyer. Contact a Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorney as soon as possible and ensure to get fair compensation for all the damages you sustained. 

Common causes of industrial accidents 

  • Poor lighting 

While some of you might think lighting does not play a significant role for an employee or worker, in an industrial setup, it does. Most industries deal with complex equipment, machinery, oils, and chemicals; while coping with these, employees need proper visibility to deliver and ensure their safety. 

For example, if an area has an oil or chemical spill in the industry and it does not have enough lighting for the workers to see if they might slip or fall. This can cause severe injuries or medical complications if they hurt their head or back, like traumatic brain injuries or back or shoulder injuries. 

Another common situation where an industrial accident occurs is if the worker climbs a ladder and misses a step because of poor lighting. Suppose the employee falls from a great height, resulting in a severe brain injury leading to paralysis or even sudden death. 

Low visibility is a common issue in industrial settings. So if your workplace has a similar problem, inform your employer and ask them to fix it. 

  • Broken or faulty machinery 

One of the most common reasons for industrial ancient is the failure of equipment or machinery used in the workplace. While these machines are designed to perform heavy tasks, they need to be maintained in top condition; this requires them to be serviced and checked every few days for any faults or damaged parts. 

Most industries do not pay much attention to the health of their machinery resulting in damages or broken machines that put workers’ lives at risk. Moreover, if the machines are poorly made or with cheap material, they can easily break down under pressure causing severe injuries to the worker operating or regulating them.

Such heavy machines often cause broken bones, severe bursaries, or burn injuries to workers controlling them. If the impact is too strong, it might even cause long-term or permanent damage to the employee.

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