An Accident on a Bicycle: What You Need to Do

You could file a lawsuit against a negligent or reckless motorist if you were riding your bicycle down the street when they abruptly struck you, inflicting injury. If you do so before the statute of limitations expires, you may be eligible to make a legal claim as a victim. Personal injury cases can be complicated and challenging to handle on your own, so it is advised that you speak with a Tacoma personal injury lawyer and have your case assessed. You can ask them about your legal options. Here are some things you can do if you are involved in a bicycle accident.

Make a police call

Call the police as soon as possible after the collision to inform them of the circumstances. If someone was hurt or there were significant property damages as a result of the crash, this is legally necessary. They’ll let you know what to do. Keep standing where you are while you wait for the cops to arrive.

Receive prompt medical care

Many people wait until the following day to visit a doctor because they believe they are feeling better, but injuries can take time to manifest their symptoms. A doctor should be contacted as soon as possible after the accident to ensure that you can receive rapid treatment. 

Another reason to seek medical attention is that doing so will make it easier for you to communicate with the insurance provider, who might not believe you if you wait to get your injuries addressed.

Compile evidence

Take as many pictures as possible at the scene of the accident. Take pictures of your bike’s damage, the incident, and the surrounding area. Don’t forget to look for any minor features, such as broken traffic signs or road debris. Take pictures of your wounds and any clothing that is ripped.

Inform the driver by exchanging information

Every time there is an accident, you are expected to exchange contact, car, and insurance information. This includes your insurance information and the best way to reach you via phone. You can be subject to fines or other legal repercussions if you don’t comply. Inform a lawyer so they can provide you with more advice if the other motorist declines to provide you with their details.

Victims of bicycle accidents can get legal assistance. If you require immediate assistance, get in touch with a reputable bicycle accident attorney right now.

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