A guide to import goods to the USA

Getting yourself into the grounds of a different country might just seem to be a fun time to experience. But in reality, you might have to go through a lot of procedures to enlist yourself as a visitor for the nation itself. Starting from passport to visa, everything should be on point, otherwise, you could get involved in a back and forth with the airport officials, restricting your entry. This is also the case with the luggage that you bring with you. Well, if you do not have the proper documentation to showcase the legitimacy of your goods, you might encounter customs that will provide you with a tough time. Sites like will help you with various solutions to such problems. A similar is the case for shipping goods into a country, for instance, the US. The country has got special customs and policies to deal with goods getting in the borders all the time. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the open canal, you need to have an idea about how the system works.

The entire procedure:

* After the goods are purchased and reach the ground, it is approved by CBP 

* The importer gets notified.

* Importer files entry documents to the CBP.

* Docs must be filed within 15 days of arrival.

* CBP will search the ship if selected for examination.

* After getting checked, if the filing of the documents is done, the importer can take the goods under his service.

* The final part of the entire procedure is called liquidation.

* And after completion, the importer is asked to keep a hold of every document for 5 years.

And thereafter the completion of a few more aspects, the container gets released.

What are the important documents to carry?

Yes, documentation is necessary to witness a soft degree of the procedure. Such paperwork includes:

  1. Packing list.
  2. Bill of lading.
  3. Commercial invoice.
  4. Entry summary.
  5. Evidence of Bond.
  6. Entry application.

A few tips to lend for the ease of importing goods.

This includes:

  1. As mentioned before, have a hold of all the important documentation that is required for entrance.
  2. Pay the complete amount of import duty and taxes. These are to be paid to the CBP.
  3. The OGD requirements that include, health standards, safety, and energy efficiency should be met.


Getting your goods shipped in the US can be tough if you are not prepared to deal with substantial resistance. Once you keep the above-mentioned points in mind, things become a lot easier and smooth. 

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