A BBQs 2u Offer for Kamado Space Ovens and Accessories

BBQs 2u, who was known in the UK as a barbecue seller since 2002 has now started selling and stocking Kamado Joe BBQs, and many other well-known ovens and their accessories. BBQs 2u has always been very passionate about barbecue foods and also other related foods items. By virtue of that, BBQs 2u has got a great deal of experience and knowledge about grilling that they love to share with their customers,

BBQs 2u customers now can get both charcoal and gas-run BBQ ovens like Kamado Joe Classic 2 BBQ or Kamado Joe Classic 3 BBQ, etc.  There are quite a few awesome new innovations that have been introduced to these ovens along with their awesome accessories to support the grilling game.

Big Green Egg Table available with BBQs 2u is one of the must-have accessories supplied with Kamado oven models. This table nest will be a perfect fit for any large green egg and also all kinds of ceramic grills having a 14” base.

Also, there are slip feet having rubber cover to protect the bottom that can resist corrosion and also wear. One of the most important things is to ensure that the grill will stay wherever a user want and also the raised structure available at the edge will ensure that the oven will not move around.

Teak wood-constructed BGE Table is available in black coated steel and Corten steel. This has created modular, uniform, and mobile outdoor kitchens meant for various outdoor cooking appliances supplied by Kamado Joe and also many other different brands.

These tables are quite a mouthful that allow appliances made by many different brands and match in the style of each other. This new concept has resulted in more demand for a much more compact solution and that is the reason, a new Kamado table made out of teak wood has been introduced.

KamadoSpace Infinite Island is another easy assembly grill oven meant for outdoor cooking is made out of galvanised or stainless steel components. Its panels are made of HPL, which will be extremely weather-resistant and also very easy to clean and high-pressure laminate that is made in Austria.

These HPL panels are going to be heat and frost resistant and can work under the temperature of -80 °C to 80 °C range. HPL panels will be available where both sides are printed. The core is going to be flame-retardant and also the surface will be lightfast.

There is extreme weather protection, which consists of acrylic polyurethane resins that have been double-hardened. HPL will be absolutely no-maintenance material. There is going to be no such issues like impacts, abrasion, scratches, and any variations due to extreme temperature variations

The panel surface will closely resemble the traditional hardwood and also offer a feel of hardwood when any user will touch it.

These days all the BBQs 2u ovens are also promoted on various social network websites like Facebook, etc. Any prospective buyers of Kamado oven products can find more details from there. One can remain updated with various other products of Kamado too.

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