Pizzas You’ll Love – Find out the Best Money-Saving Combo Deals You Can Buy 

Anybody who says they don’t like a pizza have most probably never tried the taste of freshness and legacy recipes that very few home-run businesses like Double Pizza offer. These legacy pizza corners in Montreal have a tantalizing menu that they make affordable by selling out many combo deals on online orders as well as takeaway orders. 

We will be taking you through all the deals that they offer. However, let’s take you through their Menu first. 

  1. They bake 16 signature pizzas that range from halal to vegetarian and vegan. The choice of toppings they offer is huge too. 
  2. They serve all kinds of pizzas: cheese pizzas, pepperoni pizzas, Hawaiian pizzas, all-dressed pizzas, and much more
  3. They offer onion rings, French fries, and chicken wings too. 
  4. They serve full meals as well. Some of their bestselling dishes include fried chicken, poutines, green salad, submarine sandwiches, Angus beef burgers, cheeseburgers, steaks, homemade calzones, and much much more. 

Bear in mind, the pizzas and side dishes at Double pizza taste so different and refreshing because they’re cooked fresh.

3 Affordable Combo Deals at Double Pizza 

They are not just passionate about making pizzas, they’re equally passionate about the cause of making their food affordable for everybody. For that matter, they customize many affordable combo meals (that you can customize further at additional chargers should you wish). Dive in to explore the most popular ones! 

  1. The Summer Special Deal

You’ll get the following items are a part of your meal plan under the Summer Special combo meal:

  1. Any 2 medium pizzas of your choice. 
  2. 1 packet (medium) of freshly made French fries. 
  3. 2 cans of Pepsi. 

For takeaway orders, this combo starts from just 14.99$. For home deliveries, its starting cost is 19.99$.

The Pickup Special All-Week Deal 

If spending 15-20 dollars sounds too much, double pizza has another offer that’s applicable for pickup/takeaway orders. 

  • You can pick up a large cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza from their shop at just 9.99$.
  • You can pick a large all-dressed pizza from their shop at just 12.99$.

The C2 Special Deal 

This deal is for online orders only. It starts at 24.99$ and offers a filling combo of the following dishes:

  1. Any 2 medium pizzas you want from their menu. 
  2. 1 packet of fries. 
  3. A 2L bottle of Pepsi. 

Make a note, when you order Double Pizza online, you are automatically eligible for their loyalty program. Every 5$ you spend on their website will earn you a point. When you collect 30 points, you can use them to buy either 1 large all-dressed pizza or any 3 toppings that you like from their menu. 

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