Why should you consider freeze-drying for long-term preservation?

Freeze drying was traditionally associated with pharmaceutical and commercial freezing industries till a few decades ago. Today, with the advent of a small freeze dryer, it made its way into households.

Freeze drying has emerged as a perfect solution for various household needs as seen in recent times across North America.

This article takes you through the benefits of freeze-drying and some specifications of freeze dryers.

Let us get started!

Freeze dryer as a savior

The freeze dryer can act as a perfect solution for the following needs.

  1. Emergency preparedness: The increasing rate of severe disasters puts households under serious food stress due to shortages. Freeze-dried food can rescue your family during such distress.
  2. Financial distress: Unexpected financial strain can cut down your food supplies. Freeze drying available food during normal times can save you from undue pressures.
  3. Garden-fresh food: Freeze drying the fresh garden produce preserves the freshness and flavor over long periods. Canning and dehydration can damage the taste and freshness.
  4. Cost of food storage: Freeze drying at home saves you from the expenses of store-bought frozen foods. You can better control the quality, taste, and flavor of your food.
  5. Outdoor activities: Freeze-dried food is suitable for backpacking during hikes, camping, and other outdoor fun activities. It is lightweight and less salty than canned food.
  6. Healthy choice: Freeze drying retains almost all nutrients in the food intact, unlike canning. Further, special diets like vegan, gluten-free and raw foods can be preserved fresh for long periods.
  7. Pet feeding: Freeze-dried pet food and snacks come at a fraction of the cost of store-bought food if made at home. Special pet diets with home-cooked foods can be stored longer.

These are some of the many benefits of freeze-drying at home.

Understanding a freeze dryer

A freeze dryer is a machine that performs low-temperature dehydration. It is an automatic device that uses a vacuum pump for dehydration.

It usually comes with accessories like

  • Oil filter
  • Steel trays
  • Mylar bags
  • Oxygen absorbers
  • Impulse sealer

A small freeze dryer is usually customized for use by small family households of 4-5 people. It is a fully automated device that can be operated by anyone.

Some challenges not to overlook

  • More expensive than canning and dehydration
  • Energy-intensive
  • Maintenance
  • Slow process

Concluding thoughts:

A freeze-dryer can be a perfect solution for your family’s long-term and emergency needs. It preserves the food with freshness, taste, and flavor intact, unlike other preservation techniques. So, choose a freeze-dryer that suits your family’s needs for a healthy and cost-effective method.

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