Which service to choose for conducting an online survey?

Modern survey services are the best way to check a business idea, find out the reaction of customers to planned changes in products, and assess the level of loyalty of employees. So, how to create a survey online with the help of digital tools?

The IT market of survey makers

Online polls and questionnaires are becoming more popular as they provide a simple and effective way to engage your audience. Whether you’re looking for reviews from customers or want to get the opinion of your social media followers, an online survey can be a great way to get information quickly. Luckily, many tools available in the market make creating professional surveys and contests easy without design experience.

  • Testograf

This service offers ready-made surveys, questionnaires, voting, and test templates. It conducts analytics and provides statistics on the results obtained. The service has all modern tools for creating and administering web forms, collecting responses, conducting analytics, etc. On Testograf, you can conduct anonymous surveys online or with response identification; use e-mail and sms mailing lists, pop-ups, direct links, and widgets to deliver questionnaires; edit questionnaires; change design, and more.

  • Survey Project

The application, released under the GPL, is a classic web-based survey and data entry application suitable for most use cases and types of market segmentation. It has a reasonably traditional user interface (close to that of Windows XP) but is still maintained and actively developed.

  • SurveyMonkey

According to its creators, it is one of the most popular survey systems in the world, generating 20 million responses per day. All functions are available, but still, it is not the most convenient constructor for creating web forms. Although with regular use, you get used to the control features. While most survey apps only allow you to collect responses on mobile devices, SurveyMonkey lets you create, edit, organize, and analyze results on your smartphone or tablet.

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