When Do You Need A Sinus Lift Procedure?

A sinus lift is one of the dental procedures that stress most people when it is mentioned. Many do not know what it is or why and when it is essential. As a popular Dentist in Grand Rapids, MI puts it, a sinus lift is not a stressor that comes before dental implant surgery for most persons. However, it is a mandatory process for some.

What is A Sinus Lift

A sinus lift also referred to as a sinus augmentation or sinus floor elevation, raises bone height in the upper jaw. It is crucial to establish a framework required for successful dental implants. The process involves elevation of the sinus membrane, and then filling the area created between the jaw and the sinus with bone graft material. After some time, the graft integrates with surrounding bones hence the formation of a robust implant foundation.

When Do You Need A Sinus Lift?

You need a dental implant

For your jawbone to be thick enough to hold the titanium post that anchors your prosthesis if you require a Dental implant to replace a missing tooth in the back upper region. The bone graft used during a sinus lift process moves your sinuses up so that there is adequate bone for the implantation to commence if the jaw is too close to the sinus cavities.

Gum Disease

Even if you have good oral hygiene practices, the damage gum disease can do to your jaws is unimaginable. If you have severe gum diseases like periodontitis that cause the sinuses to cave inwards and eat away your jawbone tissues, you require a sinus lift. Most severe gum diseases eventually cause tooth loss, which may need tooth extraction or contribute to your position at a sinus lift.

Loss of Upper Back Molars

Your upper back molars are attached to your jaw where the bone is naturally denser and shallow. If you lose one of these teeth then you should undergo a sinus lift to allow for proper repositioning of your sinus cavity which shifts high.

Facial Deformity

Some congenital disorders impact your sinuses canals. For instance, a facial deformity, cleft lip, or cleft palate deformities that hinder the sinuses’ favorable development will make you unable to escape a sinus lift during another restorative process.

A sinus lift is sometimes part of a journey toward reclaiming a perfectly healthy smile. If you undergo this surgery, embrace your nerves and know you are doing something that is significant to both your general and oral health.

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