The Key Benefits Of Pressing Rosin 

A rosin press is a machine that uses heated plates to press cannabis material with pressure to cause the cannabinoids and terpenes to come out in an oily form, known as rosin. Rosin is popular for being solventless and having an easy extraction process. It is often translucent and has a golden wax tint to it. 

Since solventless products do not contain any impurities, it is not surprising that they are in high demand. After all, everyone likes pure products. Apart from the purity, there are various other benefits of pressing rosin. If you are looking to make a purchase, you may consider LeDab rosin presses

Key benefits of pressing rosin 

  • It is safe to press rosin. 

Perhaps one of the best benefits of pressing rosin is that it is a completely safe process. Other extraction processes, such as BHO using butane, are not only dangerous to the environment but to your health as well. Solvent-based extraction processes usually make use of highly inflammable substances, such as pure isopropyl alcohol and butane. There are way too many horror stories about dangerous accidents occurring during such processes. 

  • It requires no solvents. 

Rosin is the purest form of cannabis solution as it contains zero percentage of solvents. Since it is away from man-made chemicals, it is a pure solventless solution. Moreover, solvent-based procedures are longer than pressing rosin. The solvents need to be completely removed from the solution; otherwise, the leftover residual could be potentially harmful to the consumers. 

  • It is a quick and easy process. 

As mentioned in the second point, rosin pressing is a quick and easy process as compared with solvent-based methods. The BHO extraction process requires a lengthy timeline of 120 hours. On the other hand, rosin pressing requires you to load the flower or bud in the press, apply some pressure and finally collect the rosin. Then, you are ready to use the rosin as you like. The process can take less than two minutes for people who are experienced. 

  • Super versatile. 

Rosin is a super versatile product as it has the ability to be a base for countless products. With rosin, you can make various products, from shatter, sugar, wax, crumble, budder, etc. It is completely free of solvents, so it is safe to use in any product. 

  • Pressing rosin is cheap. 

Last but not least, pressing rosin is cheaper than the other procedures, apart from the initial cost of buying the machine. Other processes involve various steps that are both time-taking and require costly materials. 

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