How to Mix Furniture of Different Eras?

Mixing decors and styles that belong to a different era can develop a unique interior full of visual interest and texture. Most feel it a daunting task especially when there is no less information in mind. This is why experts suggest research before decorating your home. The gives special West Elm discount code on such daunting tasks. However, the furniture setting remains as a challenge until or unless there is a perfect plan in your mind. How to get this plan? We suggest using the professional services in order to identify the ways to mix modern and traditional designing plans. Here is how homeowners can do it.

Decide on a Statement Style:

This is basically your dominant style. Before someone begins buying furniture, s/he must decide on design and style. Everyone likes to dominate space with the style. By agreeing on one style to create statement option, you develop a sense of equality or balance instead of décors competing for attention. Focus on downsizing. It offers you an opportunity to exclude the irrelevant materials. This step brings you one step closer to change the traditional family style. Select the smart design rather than a family home style. This will give you a chance to mix antique and modern pieces together.

Pick up the Details:

One of the simplest methods to develop a cohesion being top-notch is to select the best details of home décor especially furniture. This could be lines of a traditional piece or a shape such as fabrics, materials and more. For example, there are timeless curved lines of a classic Chloe sofa. This will work best in all types of spaces and environments. Homeowners can also consider re-staining, washing or reupholstering of previous furniture. This is easy with West Elm discount code and offers new lease on a cohesive look and life.

Use the Contrasts:

Contrasts can bring excitement and unimaginable interest in your spaces. It is great to make blends of everything. Color and items are simplest methods to bring beautiful contrasts in any space and even a delicate juxtaposition can offer huge change. Pairing the classic coffee table with a traditional sofa for glamorous touch is an invaluable approach. We recommend homeowners to use oriental rugs for a traditional and richness blend. Add contrasting patterns, shades, colors and textures with the help of soft furnishing. Think about smaller accent pieces like cushions, occasional chairs and others.

Consider Scale:

When blending modern and smart furniture, remember the idea of scaling. Balancing is everything you need and it is not tedious. A small, dainty chair will look out of place in the smart guestroom. Therefore, it is necessary to create piece combinations with working flexibility. Remember the West Elm discount code because it will create more opportunities for the modern and antique interior designing.


Mixing the antique and modern furniture is not difficult. All it needs is a perfect plan. Use these tips and create a balancing look. This will not take much time but a few hours from plan to implementation.

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