Everything you need to know about Amazon coach

Amazon Selling Coach provides individualized advice to help you maximize your effectiveness as an Amazon seller. They examine your seller profile and listings, and Amazon then makes recommendations specific to your business. They have organized the suggestions in the order we believe you’ll find the most useful, but you can go through them in any order you like. Amazon Coach will notify you in a variety of ways when opportunities arise.

In Seller Central, look for the Amazon Selling Coach.

This functionality can be found on the home page of your seller account. On the Selling Coach page, you’ll find more information.

  • EmailEmail suggestions

Setting Your Notification Options allows you to create and verify the email address for which you will get the Amazon Selling Coach email and select additional notification preferences. On the Amazon Selling Coach Communication tab, you can also access all of your Amazon Selling Coach emailsemails. Email recommendations can be sent to you in your native language, English, or simplified Chinese.

  • Notifications

The following types of chances are alerted to you by Amazon Selling Coach. Select Reports, then Amazon Selling Coach, then the EmailEmail Settings page from Seller Central to see a more thorough list of notifications.

  • Possibilities for Inventory

Certain products that you offer may have less than optimal supply based on your current inventory and sales statistics. Now is an excellent time to consider restocking to avoid running out of stock and risking pre-fulfillment cancellations. (Our inventory forecasts are based on sales from the previous seven days.)

  • Product Development Opportunities

Add listings for these products, which customers have recently expressed interest in and limited availability on Amazon to expand your Amazon range. You can include or exclude brands, categories, or specific products from your recommendations. We want to inform you about this consumer interest because you’ve previously listed similar products, and we’d like to assist you in identifying significant company growth potential.

  • Possibilities for fulfillment

We want to alert you to a significant level of customer interest in products you sell that aren’t currently available through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). If you sell these items through FBA, they might be eligible for free delivery, Amazon Prime, or other customer-favorite FBA perks.

  • Opportunities at a Low Cost

Many sellers have expressed an interest in being notified when similar offers with cheaper pricing become available. The Match Low Price function considers the lowest price currently available on Amazon for active listings.

  • Fixing Listings

Complete listings, in our experience, are more accessible for customers to find, assess, and purchase. If an effort to create a new listing fails, you can use the Fix Failed Listings tool to evaluate and correct listing issues. If you have quality alerts on your listings, you can utilize the Improve Listing Quality tool to fill gaps.

Final thoughts

You are most likely aware that Amazon offers its shipping service. But did you know that you can work as a delivery driver for Amazon? You can do just that using Amazon’s Flex program. You have to fill out a simple survey, download their app, and if you’re accepted, you may begin earning money right away.

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