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Choose The Right Area Rug That Will Special Look And Feel To Your Interior

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Area rugs are the quintessential decorative accessory your home can’t complete without. From the casual look of natural jute to the elegance of oriental, an area rug adds a unique warmth and personality to your décor. But with lots of materials, colors, and design options, choosing the right area rug can sometimes be overwhelming.

How do you know which rug is good for you? Well, it is not a difficult task as such. With a few tips in mind, you can choose the right area rug for any room. Here’s what you should consider.

Choose The Area Rug Style

What you should consider the most when buying area rugs are your personal style and your lifestyle. If you want your area rug to last long, buy one that’s incredibly durable and easy to clean. Always consider where you’re going to place your rug and the presence of pets and children in the house before making a purchase. And keep in mind an area rug with a dark pattern can efficiently hide stains.

Make sure the area rug you’re choosing ultimately complements your personal style. So, all you need is to trust your instincts.

Choose The Right Area Rug Size

Before going to purchase an area rug, measure the space where you’ll be placing it. The following guidelines may help you choose the right-sized area rug:

  • An area rug for a family room should cover at least the width and length of your furniture. A 5′ x 8′ or 6′ x 9′ is an ideal rug size to consider for a family room.
  • If you’re buying are rug for a dining room, consider one that can cover the space for chairs.
  • If you have wooden floors in the house, your area rug should at least 18 to 24 inches of flooring around the room’s perimeter.

Choose The Right Pattern And Color

Other important factors to consider when buying an area rug are the color and pattern. To keep your room looking fantastic, you’ll want to select an area rug that complements at least two colors in the room.

We suggest you take a color swatch of your window coverings and a throw pillow with you when shopping for an area rug for your room. It could be the best way to get the right colored rug.

You can use these tips to get the right color:

  • If the sofa in your room is a solid color, opt for a patterned area rug.
  • Match the secondary rug color to the sofa and the third color to the window coverings, pillows, and wall color.
  • A solid-colored area rug would work well if your furniture upholstery is patterned.

Since an area rug is an essential part of any room, the right style and color can establish the mood. Lighter-colored rugs make a smaller space appear larger, whereas dark, bold colors define a more intimate space. So, its up to you whether you want to calm your room’s environment or add some warmth to it.

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