5 Signs That You Need Vaginal Revitalization

Your vaginal muscles may lose their strength due to several factors. For instance, after menopause, the natural childbirth process, old age, and reduced estrogen hormone levels in your body. This condition is called vaginal atrophy and can be treated by a procedure called vaginal revitalization. However, this should not lower your self-esteem since you can visit vaginal revitalization Santa Monica center to get treatment. In addition, you should note that vaginal rejuvenation (a general term for operations for all conditions that affect the vaginal tissues) is different from vaginal revitalization. 

Following, we discuss a few of the most prevalent symptoms you may need to undergo vaginal revitalization and offer some crucial details on what to anticipate throughout the treatment. So, when do you need vaginal revitalization?

1. Itchy Sensation on Your Vagina  

Vaginal atrophy causes inflammation in your vaginal walls. As a result, you will start feeling an itchy and burning sensation around your vagina. The odd feeling mostly occurs during sex and urinating. 

2. Experiencing Urinary Tract Infections Frequently

You become more susceptible to infections when your vaginal tissues weaken and grow thinner. The infections are brought up by harmful bacteria that may travel from your vagina area to your bladder and other sexual organs.

3. Vaginal Bleeding

As you grow older, the vaginal tissues also grow thinner. Hence the blood vessels become unprotected. Consequently, you might bleed due to friction caused during sexual intercourse.

4. Sexual Discomfort and Vaginal Dryness

The amount of lubricating vaginal fluid produced by your vagina might drop when estrogen levels drop. Moreover, a dry vagina may cause discomfort and pain during sex. Thus, there will be reduced sexual pleasure and increased pain during sexual intercourse. 

5. Having Trouble Getting Sexual Orgasm

It makes sense when you experience pain or discomfort during sex, and you may find it difficult to experience orgasm, which is referred to as orgasmic dysfunction. Additionally, orgasmic dysfunction during adulthood is a major symptom of vaginal atrophy.  

What Happens During Vaginal Revitalization?

Usually, a little probe made particularly for female genitalia is used by your doctor to administer the therapy treatment. To reach difficult areas in the vagina, the probe delivers a specific dosage of RF radiation.

Furthermore, the duration of the treatment depends on the region involved. Treatment mostly occurs in a twenty to thirty minutes duration. However, the treatment will not occur once, and you will be given specific days to visit to finish your dosage. For instance, you will have to undergo the procedure for 4- 6 weeks. The number of times to see the doctor varies from one patient to another, depending on the level of damage.

Moreover, the procedure will not affect your normal way of life; thus, you can actively participate in all your favorite hobbies and work indoors and outdoors. Book your consultation online if you want to feel more comfortable in your skin and are unsure whether vaginal revitalization is right for you.

Generally, vaginal revitalization involves increasing blood flow in your vaginal area. It uses harmless radiofrequency radiation waves. However, you can naturally achieve similar outcomes to vaginal revitalization by doing Kegel or pelvic floor exercises. You are also advised to take a balanced diet, use safe products around your vagina (this includes soap and pads), and have enough sleep to reduce and prevent harmful conditions such as vaginal atrophy.

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