5 Best Activities To Keep Your Child Busy During Christmas

Christmas is a time of great joy and merriment. But for most parents, the Christmas holidays can be nerve wracking and stressful. The very mention of Christmas gets little children excited, but that excitement needs to be checked or it could lead to trouble. So, how do you keep an excited child happy but busy over the holiday season?

The answer is simple, keep the kids occupied by involving them in festive activities and games. These games and activities will help keep their energy levels and excitement in check. Additionally, you get some time off to do whatever needs to be done to get ready for the holiday season. A greater bonus is that these activities not only keep the children busy, but also help them learn.

Little children love playing, it’s one of their favorite activities. And it’s ok even if they don’t have any toys or playthings, kids are so creative they make up their own games. This imaginative play is very good for children. But along with playing, you’ll want your child to do something related to school and learning. This ensures that your child stays on top of their learning game when they go back to school after the holidays.

5 Amazing Christmas-Themed Activities For Kids

Here are 5 amazing Christmas-themed activities that your kids are sure to enjoy.

  1. Puzzles: Puzzles are one of the best things to keep little kids entertained and busy for hours. Hand your child a Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzle and watch them enjoy themselves for hours. Additionally, this activity is great for their fine motor skills, logical reasoning and thinking skills. You can try fun jigsaw puzzles like a sleigh, winter wonderland, Christmas tree etc., for kids.

If your little ones don’t enjoy putting jigsaw puzzles together, you can try crossword puzzles or word search puzzles too. These puzzles are not only fun, but they’re educational too. These puzzles are great for developing a child’s vocabulary.

  1. Worksheets: Want to get some learning in for your children during the holiday season? Then, hand out some Christmas-themed worksheets to your little ones. Solving these worksheets will keep your little ones busy and help them learn while they enjoy it too. Download some printable Christmas-related worksheets for kids like Christmas math worksheets or coloring worksheets and hand them over to your kids.
  2. Crafting: Christmas is the perfect time to get creative and make your gifts and decorations. Get some crafting supplies and get your kids involved in crafting. Make seasonal greeting cards or decorations for the Christmas tree. . Additionally, all the cutting and glueing is great to improve their fine motor skills too.
  3. Baking: If your child is bored with crafting and solving worksheets, you might want something more exciting to involve the kids in. Get your kids to help you bake cookies, mince pies etc., for the holiday season. Not only do the kids enjoy themselves thoroughly, but they also get to learn math concepts like fractions and measurements.
  4. Art: Most kids love drawing and painting. So, get your child’s creative juices flowing and let them draw and paint to their heart’s content. Just hand them some paper and drawing materials, and let them create their own art. You can also give them coloring worksheets to color.

Your kids are sure to love and appreciate these activities over the Christmas season. So, make this festive season a stress-free, happy one for you and your kids with these fun activities.


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